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Flame and the Swans

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I just want to show you an image from my upcoming book, “Flame and the Swans!” This book will be released later this year. It’s a story about a swan couple that needs Flame’s help to be able to reunite again. And it’s a story about love and compassion. By the way, the story about the swans inspired me to write a poem about love which I called, “Flame and the Swans.” 🙂 You can read it below, hope you’ll like it! 🙂 Flame and the Swans Most of the…read more

A Summer Breeze

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Here comes my poem called “A Summer Breeze.” Hope you’ll like it! 🙂 Happy Summer! 🙂 A Summer Breeze A summer breeze is soft and warm so close your eyes and feel feel how the breeze caress your skin It reminds you of the feeling when someone you love touches you It makes you smile Open your eyes and see all the flowers that surround you Flowers that surround you in different colors and look at all the amazing butterflies that fly above your head Blue, yellow, white and purple…read more

How We Saved Tru Calling

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One day in the beginning of June, when the birds were singing and the sun was shining, we turned our cows and calves out to pasture. We expected it to be a calm and joyful day since all of us loved to see our cattle run around after the long winter which they spend in the barn. Even my big sister had come home that day with her little girl to share the cheerful moment. Everything went well when we let the old cows out from the cement and timber…read more

Monday of the Holy Spirit

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Today it’s Penecost Monday/ Whit Monday but it can also be called Monday of the Holy Spirit. To me, it seems like Pentecost/ Whitsunday was celebrated more here in Sweden when I was a kid growing up than nowadays. This day was even a red day back then but now it stopped being that for over a decade ago. Christians celebrate the Holy Spirit during Pentecost/ Whitsunday, it’s in memory of when the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles. It’s also the birthday of the church. The Dove is…read more

Home Sweet Home

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Here are some photos from our sweet home, in other words, our homestead 🙂 As you can see the summer is on its way to Lapland too! 🙂 And below is one of my poems, hope you’ll like it! Zero When you hit rock bottom it feels like below zero since everything feels Sad Cold Hard Dark Lonely Empty You start to wonder wonder if you ended up in hell since you’re covered covered in darkness You feel trapped trapped like in a prison with no way out Suddenly you…read more

Watch “Snow Wolf Family and Me!”

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I highly recommend that you watch “Snow Wolf Family and Me!” It’s a fantastic documentary about the Arctic wolves. The wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan goes to the Canadian Arctic to search for the Arctic wolves that never have seen people before in hope to get a better understanding for the wolves. He lives in a tent for a few months, and when he has been there for a while, a white wolf family turns up and show interest in him. The curious wolves check out his equipment and even him!…read more

Man Transporting Cows got Killed

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There are about 80% Hindus in India and less than 20% Muslims. Hindus consider the cows sacred, and for many, it’s taboo to eat beef so many states in India has banned or restricted the killing of cows and to sell beef. There are vigilante groups among the Hindus because they are enraged over the treatment of cows. So, at the beginning of April, they attacked a Muslim man who had been transporting cows to slaughter. The police confirmed later that the Muslim man died of the fatal injuries. A…read more

Your own Best Friend

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Here comes my poem called “Your own Best Friend.” Hope you’ll like it! 🙂 Your own Best Friend Lying in bed Beaming Thinking Thinking of all you’ve accomplished during the day during your life Be satisfied feel satisfied with being you At the end of the day all you have is you So be your own best friend

Hay House World Summit

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I just want to tell you that Hay House World Summit starts on May 6 and end May 23. It’s the largest wellness and health event in the world. If you take part in this summit you can listen to 100 lessons about spirituality, wellness, health, self-empowerment, relationships and prosperity for free. Some of the topics are; “You can Heal Your Life,” “Powerful Brain Training Exercises for Healing Your Body,” “Easy Ways to Use Herbs for Remarkable Healing,” “Signs from the Angels: How God’s Messengers Communicate with Us,” “Scientifically Proven…read more

Food Revolution Summit

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I just want to tell you that Food Revolution Summit starts on April 29 and end May 7. John and Ocean Robbins host the summit. John Robbins is a bestselling author and his books about health and food has sold more than two million copies. Ocean is his son, and he is the CEO of Food Revolution Network. Ocean Robbins is also an author. During the Food Revolution Summit, you will get the latest research and information about environmental stewardship, disease prevention, nutrition, and food. This event is for you…read more

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