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Here comes my poem called “Beloved”, it’s about how it feels when someone has died….


You were my love
You were my friend
You were my everything
And now you are gone
gone forever
You have left the earth for a better place
You have moved to the angels now
to the angels in heaven above

But I am still on earth all alone now
My heart is bleeding but I keep breathing
My emotions are such a mess now
I don’t think that I can function without you
And now you are gone
gone to another place

My heart is bleeding and so it will
for a long time ahead

Your heart was like a deep ocean
A deep ocean of love
A deep ocean of love so pure
A love so perfect
And that love you sent to me

I truly wish that I could go to you
I know that I would enjoy lying on a cloud
On a big nice, soft, white cloud
just to lie there and daydream and sleep
is something that I would love to do

But I am still here
here on earth
In a place that will be so empty without you
A place where I no longer can seek comfort in your beautiful eyes

You stood always by my side through good times and bad times
You were always there for me and now you are gone
The life goes on and my heart is bleeding
because you are no longer here with me
But I console myself with that you will forever be in my heart
I will never forget you

And I hope that you at least felt a little bit
a little bit of all the love that I felt for you
Because I felt all the love you gave me
and now I hope that you were able to receive
just some of all the warm feelings that I felt for you and still do

I have many wonderful memories of you
Memories that I will cherish until the day I die
Because you were my love
You were my friend
You were my everything