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The Forests are a Lawless Country

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All Swedish wolves that get killed during license hunt and protected hunt get sent to the National Veterinary Institute where they do an autopsy to check health, age and so on, they also x-ray the wolves. They found lead pellets in the head of one female wolf that was shot during a protected hunt in Dalarna in November last year, which had nothing to do with the legally protected hunt, so that poor wolf had been wounded before she got killed during the hunt. Hunting offense The lead pellets were…read more

Say No to Slaughter!

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Many, many, many animals get slaughtered by having their throats cut off, meaning they bleed to death. The poor animals spend their last waking moments to gasp for breath, and they fight to be able to stand while the blood pours out from their throats. To get the throat cut off like that is extremely painful for the animals. During the time it takes for the poor animal to get unconscious it suffers from the cut, the loss of blood, and when the blood comes down to the lungs, they…read more

Hope for Animals Summit

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I just want to remind you that “Hope for Animals Summit” started last week and lasts until March 23, so there is still time for you to join this online summit for free and listen to great speakers talking about animals.   For instance, tomorrow, March 7, the New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D., will discuss his latest book, “What a Fish Knows.” It will be two interviews with amazing speakers each week at Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST, (4:00 p.m. to 5:00…read more

Flame and the Mouse

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Here comes my poem called “Flame and the Mouse,” it’s about friendship. I got inspired to write it when I thought of my upcoming book, “Flame and the Mouse.” Hope you’ll like it! 🙂   Flame and the Mouse Once upon a time there was a little mouse who ended up outside of Flame’s house The poor fellow was tired and weak his strength was gone he couldn’t speak   Flame rushed to his side in order to help otherwise, he would have died Flame – a supernatural hero gave…read more

The Politicians do Nothing

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It’s with sadness in my heart that I tell you that another wolf, a female, got killed here in Sweden on February 15. They were allowed to hunt the wolves until that date, February 15, so I have been keeping track of if the wolf in Dalarna that I told you earlier about in my blog post “Wolves get hunted with snowmobiles and helicopters in Sweden” was going to make it. I thought that she was going to survive, but sadly she was shot the last day of the hunt….read more

Are there Camels in Sweden?

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Yes, there are around 100 camels here, but Sweden is not a natural habitat for camels, they are only here because people have brought them here in order to use them for their own pleasure. The camelid species (camels, alpacas, llama, guanacos, vicugna), lives in northern Africa, Asia, Australia and in the mountainous regions of South America. Camels enjoy dry and open habitats like steppes, semi-deserts, and deserts. A camel center in Angered The latest project is that they are going to start a camel center in Angered, Gothenburg –…read more

The Voice of a Roe Deer

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I wrote this poem, “The Voice of a Roe Deer,” in loving memory of all the poor roe deer that gets caught, tortured, and killed in snares. The Voice of a Roe Deer I walk along the path where I usually walk I stretch out my neck to reach a bud Suddenly I can’t breathe My heart beats fast I panic I feel something something tight around my neck I feel hysterical I try to back away It’s too late I’m stuck I walk in another direction The grip around…read more

Roe Deer Caught in Snare

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For about ten days ago a person reported to the police that he had seen a dead roe deer in Borgafjäll, in the north of Sweden. The poor roe deer was hanging in a snare! When the police came, the dead animal was gone, so someone had picked up the body. The police confiscated the snare since it’s illegal to use. Hunters are allowed to hunt foxes and white grouses with a snare if they have a permit but that’s a smaller one. The one that the roe deer was…read more

Reindeer are being Tormented and Poached

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For many years ago, back in the 70’s, some cruel people started to poach reindeer here in Sweden. And ever since, this happens more or less each year. I assume the violence and this horrible acts of cruelness are handed down from one generation to another among evil people that don’t show compassion for animals. I feel sorry for the innocent reindeer For instance, these evil individuals can run over a reindeer and stop when the snowmobile is standing on the reindeer’s neck. They just stand there with the snowmobile…read more

Once Upon a Time

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Here comes my poem called “Once Upon a Time.” Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂   Once Upon a Time Once upon a time I had a beautiful dime it glistened bright in the soft moon light A gnome grabbed my arm told me to keep it as a lucky charm I became glad thanked the little lad Who disappeared in an enchanted forest I had a dream to become a florist I followed in hope to see a flower instead I found an inner power I dared to do things…read more

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