The Forests are a Lawless Country

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All Swedish wolves that get killed during license hunt and protected hunt get sent to the National Veterinary Institute where they do an autopsy to check health, age and so on, they also x-ray the wolves. They found lead pellets in the head of one female wolf that was shot during a protected hunt in Dalarna in November last year, which had nothing to do with the legally protected hunt, so that poor wolf had been wounded before she got killed during the hunt.

Hunting offense

The lead pellets were found close to one eye and in the nasal fossa. The caliber tells that the shot against the wolf was most likely fired during a bird hunt. This wolf was born in Norway, and they suspect that she hadn’t been so long in Dalarna before she got shot. They suspect it’s a hunting offense so the Counties Agency in Dalarna filed a police report.

The Forests are a Lawless Country

And they recently found pellets in one of the wolves that got shot in Värmland during the licensed hunt. During the years, they have found parts of bullets and lead pellets from both shotguns and rifle guns in several wolves.

This is horrible news! What’s wrong with people? Why do certain people think it’s fun to torture wolves? It’s as I have said before, the forests are a lawless country, people go around and shoot innocent creatures just to torture them. I hope the police find them and put them in prison for a very long time, but I know it is just wishful thinking. I know that will not happen because they don’t have enough resources to do that but I wish they had and I wish that crimes against animals were a prioritized crime!

Flame and the Wolf

My wish is that my figure Flame could exist in the real world and do you know what….that is possible if we all show compassion for animals because then no more animals will be tortured or killed. You can start to teach kids that all animals have feelings by reading, for instance, Flame and the Wolf, to them 🙂 because hopefully they won’t grow up and become hunters later in life if they get taught from a young age that all animals have feelings.