Are there Camels in Sweden?

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Yes, there are around 100 camels here, but Sweden is not a natural habitat for camels, they are only here because people have brought them here in order to use them for their own pleasure. The camelid species (camels, alpacas, llama, guanacos, vicugna), lives in northern Africa, Asia, Australia and in the mountainous regions of South America. Camels enjoy dry and open habitats like steppes, semi-deserts, and deserts.

A camel center in Angered

The latest project is that they are going to start a camel center in Angered, Gothenburg – south of Sweden, in order to create jobs for the migrants so they can be integrated into the Swedish society. In that center, you will, for instance, be able to ride on the camels and buy camel milk, camel meat, and camelhair. They also plan to have hens and alpacas. They believe their biggest income source will be from tourism because they are counting on that people will come from Japan and China, yes, from all over the world, to visit this camel center.

So far, the people who came up with this idea to build a camel center have gotten 1 million SEK in a grant from the Swedish taxpayers. They believe they need additional 2 million SEK to build stables, paddock, and roads. Gothenburg has another project to integrate the migrants from the Middle East and Africa in our society, and that includes different things, for instance, to keep goats, sheep, and fjällkor, (a Swedish cow species), for milk production with a local dairy factory. And that project will cost around 32 million SEK.

I think it’s wrong to exploit animals like that!

I do not like these projects at all! I think it’s wrong to exploit animals like that! It’s wrong to take animals from their natural habitat and bring them here! It’s wrong to kill animals just to create jobs for migrants! I guess there is never an end when it comes to people using animals for their own pleasure; the evil people always come up with new ideas to exploit animals.

And it’s also wrong to use the taxpayers’ money to that since Sweden have many poor senior citizens that can’t afford to go to the dentist or have enough money to food, or a warm place to live in. It was the senior citizens who built this country, and now some of them are starving because people from younger generations thinks that they are entitled to give away the taxpayers’ money to crazy projects. I wonder if evil people ever will wake up and realize that what they are doing is wrong……