Reindeer are being Tormented and Poached

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For many years ago, back in the 70’s, some cruel people started to poach reindeer here in Sweden. And ever since, this happens more or less each year. I assume the violence and this horrible acts of cruelness are handed down from one generation to another among evil people that don’t show compassion for animals.

I feel sorry for the innocent reindeer

For instance, these evil individuals can run over a reindeer and stop when the snowmobile is standing on the reindeer’s neck. They just stand there with the snowmobile on the poor creature’s neck for fun. Or they can chase a reindeer in the very deep snow with a snowmobile; they chase it until the poor defenseless reindeer doesn’t have any strength to run any longer. Then the people get off their snowmobiles and jump up on the back of the reindeer in order to ride on it. When the reindeer stops, the person lets go of its grip and just when the reindeer think it’s free again the person jumps up on the poor reindeer’s back again just to torment it. I watched a video with this, and the reindeer was terrified! You could tell by looking in the reindeer’s eyes that it suffered a lot. I feel so sorry for the poor innocent reindeer.

Many reindeer are tormented and poached

A couple of years ago, during a winter far up in the north, there were many reindeer poached at once. The reindeer owner found the slaughter place. The reindeer had been hunted for a long while in deep snow before they got tormented and killed. The poachers had taken the meat and left was blood in the snow, and legs and heads were nearby a stream, and some of the body parts from the reindeer were thrown in a crack in the ice. He could tell by the body parts that the reindeer had been run over with snowmobiles, the legs were broken and they had even run over the back of one reindeer. They had also run over the horns of some reindeer, and when they are chased and hunted like this, they often get beaten to death with an ax or a blunt object. Many of these reindeer were pregnant and should give birth in spring, but of course, all the tiny baby reindeer died together with their mommies.  He called the police, but they didn’t show up until four days after the poaching so the reindeer owner followed the tracks from the snowmobiles himself and they led him to a village called Äijävaara in Norrbotten.

There are cruel poachers in Äijävaara and the area around that village

When finally the police showed up some of the tracks were gone. But when the police were on their way home they found by chance some tracks in the snow. It was blood. They followed it, and it led them to the same building in Äijävaara just like the reindeer owner had said. The police searched the building, but all they found was blood and nothing else. One might think that that would still be enough for them to question the person who owned the building but they never did, and the police refused to tell why they didn’t question that man.

And the people in Äijävaara and the nearest village doesn’t talk. Some of them say that it is the Lapps that tormented and killed these reindeer. There aren’t so many people living in Äijävaara, many of them just go there on weekends and so. I believe that the individuals in these villages know who the evil poachers are but they protect the bastards, either because they hate the Lapps or are related to the bloody poachers, or maybe a few of them are too scared to talk because then they can be their next target. Because the poachers don’t hesitate to beat people since they have beaten reindeer owners badly when they have defended the reindeer.


Why some people hate Lapps

And why some people hate Lapps is because it’s only Lapps that are allowed to hunt and fish on the entire land where they keep the reindeer which covers a big part of Sweden, then hunters get angry when they aren’t allowed to kill animals everywhere. And some people who work at mines get mad at the Lapps too since the reindeer owners use to protest when they build mines on the land where they have always kept the reindeer for many, many generations. These people get angry because there aren’t so many jobs in the north of Sweden and then they think it’s the reindeer owners’ fault if they can’t get any other job if they aren’t allowed to build a mine. Other people get angry at the Lapps when they aren’t allowed to drive their snowmobiles everywhere where they keep the reindeer.

There is a solution to this

There is an easy solution to all this. I think that all people should go vegan! Because if you are vegan you show compassion for all animals and then the torment and killing of innocent animals will stop. And the reindeer can be free and live in peace in the wild. It’s 2017 now so no one must eat meat any longer. You can thrive on a plant-based diet; it’s much healthier too! And if you feel the need to eat meat you can choose meat-free alternatives like tempeh, seitan or oumph. For instance, oumph both looks like and has a similar texture as meat. Regarding jobs in rural areas, you can, for instance, work online or become an entrepreneur, or several people can start a business together like making homemade soap, shampoo and so on. Because I believe the vegan movement is coming strongly and there will be many business opportunities then.

Not all police officers have a high moral and follow the laws

By the way, regarding the case with the poached reindeer, I mentioned above…The police took care of what was left of the reindeer regarding the investigation, but when they were finished with it, they let a police officer on leave take it. That policeman was using the body parts when he was going to hunt foxes. So, he put all these legs and bones in a half circle on the snow not far from where these poor reindeer had been poached. Then he waited for the foxes to turn up. What he did was illegal so not all police officers have a high moral and follow the laws.


Killing a reindeer can be compared with stealing a jacket

The poaching on reindeer will continue if nobody cares to stop it. The reindeer owners have often reported these crimes to the police during all these years, but there are only a few cases that have been resolved. Often the police don’t care about it because killing a reindeer is called theft, so they compare it with if you go into a store and steal a jacket for about $200-300, so it’s not a prioritized crime. And there are enormous areas in the north of Sweden but only a few police officers. I wish that the government could wake up and realize that we need a lot more police officers in Sweden!

Please, leave the Reindeer alone!

I don’t know what’s wrong with certain people because the poor reindeer are entirely innocent. All the reindeer want is to live in peace and harmony so please, leave the reindeer alone!