Flame and the Mouse

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Here comes my poem called “Flame and the Mouse,” it’s about friendship. I got inspired to write it when I thought of my upcoming book, “Flame and the Mouse.” Hope you’ll like it! 🙂


Flame and the Mouse

Once upon a time

there was a little mouse

who ended up

outside of Flame’s house

The poor fellow

was tired and weak

his strength was gone

he couldn’t speak


Flame rushed to his side

in order to help

otherwise, he would have died

Flame – a supernatural hero

gave the poor guy love and warmth

The temperature was far below zero

still, the Mouse got warm again

Thanks to Flame

he felt no more pain


If you’re hurting inside

don’t be too pride

don’t hide

let your friend be your guide

remember to let somebody in

you have everything to win

if you can’t speak

just feel the warmth against your cheek

Your friend can hear

feel no more fear

Let your friend

be the one to mend

your heart filled with sorrow

there will be a brighter tomorrow

if you believe in a magic fantasy

there will be no more tragedy

Let a dove

bring you love

Let your friend show the way

day by day

The best is yet to be

because you’re here with me


Just like Flame saved the Mouse

They became best friends

during their journey

Flame recommends

to show compassion for the one in pain

then you fill his/her heart with sunshine

and chase away the rain