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Man Transporting Cows got Killed

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There are about 80% Hindus in India and less than 20% Muslims. Hindus consider the cows sacred, and for many, it’s taboo to eat beef so many states in India has banned or restricted the killing of cows and to sell beef. There are vigilante groups among the Hindus because they are enraged over the treatment of cows. So, at the beginning of April, they attacked a Muslim man who had been transporting cows to slaughter. The police confirmed later that the Muslim man died of the fatal injuries. A…read more

Your own Best Friend

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Here comes my poem called “Your own Best Friend.” Hope you’ll like it! 🙂 Your own Best Friend Lying in bed Beaming Thinking Thinking of all you’ve accomplished during the day during your life Be satisfied feel satisfied with being you At the end of the day all you have is you So be your own best friend

Hay House World Summit

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I just want to tell you that Hay House World Summit starts on May 6 and end May 23. It’s the largest wellness and health event in the world. If you take part in this summit you can listen to 100 lessons about spirituality, wellness, health, self-empowerment, relationships and prosperity for free. Some of the topics are; “You can Heal Your Life,” “Powerful Brain Training Exercises for Healing Your Body,” “Easy Ways to Use Herbs for Remarkable Healing,” “Signs from the Angels: How God’s Messengers Communicate with Us,” “Scientifically Proven…read more

Food Revolution Summit

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I just want to tell you that Food Revolution Summit starts on April 29 and end May 7. John and Ocean Robbins host the summit. John Robbins is a bestselling author and his books about health and food has sold more than two million copies. Ocean is his son, and he is the CEO of Food Revolution Network. Ocean Robbins is also an author. During the Food Revolution Summit, you will get the latest research and information about environmental stewardship, disease prevention, nutrition, and food. This event is for you…read more

Jesus showed Compassion for All

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Since it’s been Easter and still is, I have been thinking about how many people there are in this world who say one thing and do another. Jesus showed compassion for all living beings but during my lifetime I haven’t experienced that the people who celebrate Easter and Christmas and other Christian holidays do that. Most of the people I’ve met in my life and people I know do not follow what Jesus taught although they celebrate Jesus during Christian holidays. Individuals who behave evilly towards others aren’t happy people…read more

Easter Bunny

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Here comes my poem about the Easter Bunny. Hope you’ll like it! 🙂 Easter Bunny It’s funny when you think of the Easter Bunny is it a he or a she who knows but on it goes It brings joy maybe a toy or candies or lilies or a book If you take a closer look maybe you can see who it is but know this Easter Bunny brings happiness and love and kindness that’s all you need to know so perhaps it’s better that it doesn’t show who it…read more

Pregnant Reindeer shot by Poachers

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The reindeer owner Henrik Andersson brought his reindeer to Sundomskogen outside of Luleå earlier this year because it’s easier for the reindeer to feed there during the winter. A few weeks ago, he discovered that at least two pregnant reindeer were missing because there were at least two calves that were calling for their mommies. All the reindeer were intimidated when he found them. The reindeer owner said it could be more than two that got injured and killed; he isn’t sure. There were lots of blood in the snow…read more

Flame and the Mouse is now Released!

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I’m happy to announce that my third book, “Flame and the Mouse,” in “Flame – The Animal Saver Series” is now released! Just watch the book trailer to find out what this story is about.  I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂 Why I wrote this book The reason why I wrote, “Flame and the Mouse,” is because I thought that a mouse that used to run around in the ensilage when we were going to feed the calves looked very cute! It was so adorable with its peppercorn-colored eyes! Maybe…read more


The Forests are a Lawless Country

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All Swedish wolves that get killed during license hunt and protected hunt get sent to the National Veterinary Institute where they do an autopsy to check health, age and so on, they also x-ray the wolves. They found lead pellets in the head of one female wolf that was shot during a protected hunt in Dalarna in November last year, which had nothing to do with the legally protected hunt, so that poor wolf had been wounded before she got killed during the hunt. Hunting offense The lead pellets were…read more

Say No to Slaughter!

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Many, many, many animals get slaughtered by having their throats cut off, meaning they bleed to death. The poor animals spend their last waking moments to gasp for breath, and they fight to be able to stand while the blood pours out from their throats. To get the throat cut off like that is extremely painful for the animals. During the time it takes for the poor animal to get unconscious it suffers from the cut, the loss of blood, and when the blood comes down to the lungs, they…read more