Watch “Snow Wolf Family and Me!”

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I highly recommend that you watch “Snow Wolf Family and Me!” It’s a fantastic documentary about the Arctic wolves. The wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan goes to the Canadian Arctic to search for the Arctic wolves that never have seen people before in hope to get a better understanding for the wolves. He lives in a tent for a few months, and when he has been there for a while, a white wolf family turns up and show interest in him. The curious wolves check out his equipment and even him! After some time, he gets accepted as a member of their family. It’s amazing to see how close he came to these wild wolves!

Snow Wolf Family

The Snow Wolf family consists of the alpha female Luna and her mate Romulus and his brother Remus. The other members are Atka, Curious George and Scruffy which are the offspring of Luna and Romulus from previous years. And then we have their newborn pups called Banjo, Lola, and Meg. It’s a very loving family that take care of each other and do everything in their power to make sure that the pups will survive in the harsh landscape.

It’s remarkable to see the relationship that develops between the wolves and Buchanan

I just watched “Snow Wolf Family and Me” on TV, and I thought it was wonderful! The adult wolves look majestic, and the pups are adorable, and it’s remarkable to see the relationship that develops between the wolves and Gordon Buchanan, so I highly recommend that you watch it! In case you missed it on TV you can find info about where to buy “Snow Wolf Family and Me” by clicking on the title 🙂 And click here if you want to take a look at the wolf pack 🙂