Home Sweet Home

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Here are some photos from our sweet home, in other words, our homestead 🙂 As you can see the summer is on its way to Lapland too! 🙂 And below is one of my poems, hope you’ll like it!


When you hit rock bottom
it feels like below zero
since everything feels

You start to wonder
wonder if you ended up in hell
since you’re covered
covered in darkness
You feel trapped
trapped like in a prison
with no way out

Suddenly you see a crack
a crack in the darkness
A light that flickers
but soon it gets steady
because you start to believe
believe in yourself

You decide to escape
You grab a ladder
and start climbing
climbing towards the light
because you start to realize
realize that you’re precious

Finally you’re on a meadow
a meadow full of flowers
flowers and butterflies
You’re surrounded with light
and gone is the darkness

Then you realize you’re a hero
because you went from zero
from zero to your own hero
since you had the wisdom to see
see that you’re precious
And you had the courage
the courage to believe
believe in yourself