Pregnant Reindeer shot by Poachers

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The reindeer owner Henrik Andersson brought his reindeer to Sundomskogen outside of Luleå earlier this year because it’s easier for the reindeer to feed there during the winter. A few weeks ago, he discovered that at least two pregnant reindeer were missing because there were at least two calves that were calling for their mommies. All the reindeer were intimidated when he found them. The reindeer owner said it could be more than two that got injured and killed; he isn’t sure.

There were lots of blood in the snow

Andersson discovered that people had been driven snowmobiles up and down all over the clear-cut area and there were lots of blood in the snow. They could tell from the tracks that most likely the poor reindeer had been wounded first and that they were trying to get away before they eventually got killed after a while. The poachers killed the pregnant reindeer and then they took away the dead bodies from the area.


The life a reindeer is just as valuable as the life of a human

I’m speechless; there is no end when it comes to how cruel some people are. Just imagine how terrified the poor calves got when they watched how their pregnant mothers got wounded and killed. And imagine how these females fought to stay with their calves and protect them but they had no chance when cruel people turned up on snowmobiles and hunted them until they died. I feel so sorry for the poor reindeer……

Can you imagine the headlines if it had been two pregnant women that got killed by unknown individuals? The authorities would have done everything in their power to find the murderers then and put them in prison. I’m not saying that that would have been wrong, I’m just saying that the life a reindeer is just as valuable as the life of a human. Therefore, I think it’s wrong when the authorities don’t do everything in their power to stop poachers.  

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