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Wolves get Hunted with Snowmobiles and Helicopters in Sweden

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The license hunt on wolves here in Sweden started last Monday, January 2. First, the authorities decided that they should kill 24 wolves in the entire country, but on January 7 they decided that it would be nice to kill one more wolf, so they did. So far, they have killed 24 wolves, and now all the hunters are chasing one wolf in Dalarna. They shot at this poor wolf on Sunday, but they couldn’t find it although they searched for it. So, then they assumed it wasn’t hit by…read more

Why do People Hate Wolves?

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A week ago I heard about a young woman that was out in the forest with her dog here in the north of Sweden. The dog was not on a leash because they were hunting hares. Suddenly the woman couldn’t hear the dog any longer and then the dog came running from the forest because a wolf chased it. The wolf bit the dog but fled when the woman screamed. The dog survived the attack; the woman took her to a veterinarian who took care of her wounds. Wolf is…read more

Think of the Poor Horses

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Horses at the zoo I remember when I was a teenager and trained to become an animal keeper. When we did our training at the zoo, a classmate took me out for a ride on the horses there. The one I was going to ride was a beautiful, white Icelandic Horse mixed with some other breed, so he was a little bigger than an ordinary Icelandic Horse. His name was Mestur, and he looked majestic! My classmate rode a black North Swedish Horse named Hervar. He was charming. She and…read more