There are No Words

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Here comes my poem “There are No Words” because maybe it can give some comfort to all of you who have lost a beloved one…

There are No Words

There are no words for what you are feeling now
The tears are rolling down your cheeks
like an endless stream
Eventually they will stop
but not the pain in your heart

You’ll keep asking yourself why
why did this have to happen
I’m sorry my dear friend
no one has the answer to that
Sometimes the fate is cruel
and there is nothing we can do to change that
I wish one could change the fate sometimes
but I guess everything happens for a reason
And that is something that is very hard to understand
Personally I don’t understand why cruel things happens to your beloved ones
That is a question that never will get answered

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Your heart is bleeding now
and so it will for a long time ahead
In the meanwhile
Remember that you gave your friends a home when no one else did
That you gave them love
which they wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for you
Please know that you filled their hearts with joy
I am convinced that they felt all the love you had for them

Now they are jumping around
from one cloud to another
They will look down at you
and see your sad face
They wish that they could tell you to not be sad
that they are okay
They want to tell you that you will meet them again
when your time is come

In the meanwhile they want to see you smile again
They want you to look up at the sky and wave
then they will wave back in their own special way
There are no words for what you are feeling now
but eventually time will heal your heart
It’s hard to believe now
but it will

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