The Magic of The Night

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Here comes my poem about the magic of the night. Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

The Night

The night is my friend
It brings me peace
It consoles me
It makes me feel safe
protected from all the badness

I’m alone
but not all alone
the animals are with me
It feels pretty okay
while I’m writing these words for you

I really like the night
it’s so beautiful
with all the wonderful stars
who gives you hope
The magnificent northern lights
truly amaze you with all its colors
And you can’t mention the night
without talking about the moon
the gorgeous, mystical moon
that you never can get enough of

I’m sitting here now
looking out through the window
The soil is all covered
in a thick layer of soft snow

A little snowflake glitters
It makes me hopeful
that something so tiny
can shine so bright
It’s like a miracle

And now it’s a season for miracles
Christmas is just around the corner
and if you look closely
you might see an angel
flying above you in the sky

No matter what season it is
miracles do happen
every now and then
You just need to believe in them
and when you least expect it
it will happen
That one special thing you always dreamed about
Just keep up your spirit

And in the meanwhile
let the night surround you with all its magic