The Angel of the Night

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Here comes my poem for those of you who believe in angels. I believe that angels come in different shapes, like a cat purring in your lap, or a friend that spends time with you, or just a feeling of peace inside you. I believe that animals are angels because they can teach us unconditional love.


The Angel of the Night

The angel of the night
comes to me when I go to sleep
She consoles me if I’m sad
She dries away my tears if I’ve cried
She makes me feel safe if I’m scared
If I wake up from a nightmare
she watch over me so I safely can fall back to sleep

The angel of the night
gives me a peace of mind
Because she brings joy
She brings kindness
She brings love
She brings calmness
She brings safety
She brings gentleness

The angel of the night
is my friend
She understands when no one else does
She communicates without words
She has a heart full of love
She is always there for me
so I can feel safe
The angel of the night
I love you