Teaching Kids Compassion Toward Wolves

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I’m happy to announce that here comes my book trailer for my latest book, “Flame and the Wolf!” Please leave a comment below to tell me what you think about it.

Why I wrote this book

The reason why I wrote this story about Flame meeting a wolf that needs help is that it’s vital teaching kids compassion toward wolves. I got tired reading stories and other material where wolves are portrayed as spiteful creatures. I thought it was about time that a new generation of kids could be brought up and taught that wolves have feelings too. So, my storybook is the very opposite of “Little Riding Hood and the Wolf” since I believe it’s wrong to kill animals.

I remember when I was around seven years old and had to play Little Red Riding Hood in a play at school. It’s not a fun memory. I think it’s wrong when wolves are portrayed as the evil and bad characters in literature.

I’m strongly against hunting

I’m also strongly against hunting since I think it’s very cruel! I have read many articles about how wolves have been wounded, hunted and killed by humans and it makes me mad. I also thought it was about time that someone wrote a story about how wolves suffer by actions like that, that evil actions get consequences for the poor animal. Teaching kids compassion toward wolves is one of my goals, so if they read my story then maybe they don’t grow up and become hunters. Hopefully, they learn that wolves have as much right to live just as you and I have and that all they want is to be left alone in the forests.

Please remember that it’s critical teaching kids compassion for all creatures!