Fight for What’s Right

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Un Village Français

I’ve just watched “Un Village Français” or “A French Village” as it’s called in English. It’s a French television drama series that takes place during the Second World War. The story is about how the German military occupies the fictional village Villeneuve, and soon they take control over the French people who lives there; then they start to arrest Jews. Some of the French citizens in Villeneuve join a resistance movement since they believe it’s unfair and wrong what the Germans do to them. They fight for what’s right.


I cheer for the women and the men in the resistance movement

Every time I watch “Un Village Français” I cheer for the women and the men in the resistance movement since they dare to stand up for the innocent and the weak ones. I like when people dare to go against what everybody else thinks and don’t do what they are told to do. I like when people are brave enough to break the rules when it comes to administrating justice, to fight for what’s right. For instance, when a woman from the resistance movement in this series dares to break some rules to save a Jewish girl. Or when some of this group print flyers to inform people what’s going on although they are not allowed to use a printer. Or when they hide Jews so they can’t get arrested by the police.

I admire people who fight for what’s right

I respect individuals who dare to do things like that, fight for what’s right. I find them courageous. What they are doing is heroic. I wish more people could dare to go against what everybody else thinks. I wish that people today could have the courage to stand up for the weak and lonely. I wish that people could be brave enough to be kind to each other and show each other respect. It seems that to be kind, honest and respectful are underestimated qualities in a person at least that is my experience because rude, mean and dishonest people get all the advantages while kind and honest people get steamrollered. Therefore I wish that good people dare to speak up when they see that someone gets treated badly. I wish that they dare to fight for what’s right. People should show each other respect and compassion and not give each other the cold shoulder.


Why do people make a difference between the species?

If people start living a compassionate life then maybe they start to see what’s happening to the animals too. Then maybe they start to question how animals get treated. I do not understand why some people think that it’s okay to eat one animal and celebrate another animal. For instance, during different competitions with horses people eat cows/ bulls/ pigs/ chickens when they are watching it. They stand there with a piece of a dead animal in one hand and cheer on the horse with the other hand. I do not understand how one can love one animal but eating the other. I have many times heard that people claim to be vegetarians as long as they don’t eat horses. Why do people make a difference between the species? I do not understand that.


It makes me sad that people see cows and bulls just as food

I remember that I got teased in school because they knew that I was a farmer’s girl and that I loved cows and bulls. Some laughed behind my back because they had horses and we had cows. They laughed when I wrote a poem about bulls since they saw bulls just as food. It made me sad. When I got older someone who had horses told me that she thought it was strange that I didn’t smell bad since I lived on a farm. She let me know how bad she thought the smell from the cows and bulls were, that animals who are raised only to become food for people smell bad, while the horses she rode smelled good. And I remember during the training at the zoo how someone kicked the cow, but she cuddled with the horses.


I get furious when people look down at animals

It makes me angry when people look down at the poor animals who are raised only to become food. I wonder what the cows, bulls, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese, reindeer, and fish ever have done to them. And I know that there are other animals too who get eaten by people, that it sometimes depends on in which country you live since some people eat cats, dogs, horses, kangaroos, chimpanzees, gorillas, moose, and so on. There are so many species who get consumed by people, and I do not understand why. What have these poor creatures done since people think that they have a right to eat them? I do not understand that.


Why do some people cuddle with certain animals while they eat others?

Why do some people cuddle with certain animals while they eat others? If people dared to slow down for a minute and think, think of all the innocent animals who are treated bad and then killed just to become food, then maybe they would stop eating them and become vegans instead. But I wonder how many people would dare to look a cow or a chicken in the eyes, because if they do and spend some time with them then they will understand that these beautiful creatures have a soul just as humans do. And when they realize that it will be harder for them to eat animals and people who eat them doesn’t want to stop since it’s easiest to continue like they always have done. It’s easiest for them just to turn off all feelings and continue to be in a deep torpor than to make changes in their lives.

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I wish that people could wake up and realize what they’re doing

I wish that people could be brave like the ones in the resistance movement because then they would start to fight for what’s right when it comes to animals too because it’s not fair what some people are doing to the poor animals now. That’s not fair that some animals are raised to become food, they get abused and used, and it’s not right that some animals get hunted and killed. I wish that the people who do this to other creatures wake up and realize that what they are doing is wrong since animals have the same right to live just as humans do. I wish that they could fight for what’s right instead, and that is to stand up for the innocent creatures.


Already a long time ago people thrived on a plant-based diet

Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Anna Kingsford, Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy, Leonardo Da Vinci, Voltaire, Plato, George Barnard Shaw, Elsie Shrigley, and Coretta Scott King lived for many years ago, and they all thrived on a plant-based diet. Therefore I wonder why some people find it hard to be vegan in 2016…

 The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” Leonardo Da Vinci

“Until we have the courage to recognize cruelty for what it is – whether its victim is human or animal – we cannot expect things to be much better in this world. We cannot have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing, we set back the progress of humanity.” Rachel Carson

“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.” Alice Walker