Even the Darkest Night is Followed by a Beautiful Dawn

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Now it’s fall and gone are the light summer days. It will take many months before the bright summer nights are here again. Sometimes it can feel hard to cope with the darkness, both inside you and outside of you, but remember that even the darkest night is followed by a beautiful dawn. Here comes my poem called “Dawn,” hope you like it! 🙂


When darkness is upon you
because of thoughts of the past
that keeps you from living
Know that even the darkest night
is followed by a beautiful dawn
The daybreak’s soft light
and the birds’ wonderful song
will heal your broken soul
Your heart will mend
when your eyes look up at heaven
and you feel the first sunbeams
sunbeams that kiss your face warm
Your heart and soul
is no longer cold from dark thoughts
Suddenly the sunrise
make you feel alive again
And what’s left of the past
are only memories that won’t last
because soon they have vanished
They will be replaced
replaced with thoughts of the present
thoughts of light and joy
So when the darkness has a grip on you
Let go
Think of life
that life has something better to offer you
just around the corner
Don’t give up
Don’t give in
Don’t lose faith  

Because when it seems the darkest
that’s when the dawn is closest