Do You Care what Christmas is All About?

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Sometimes I wonder how many cares what Christmas is all about because I know many people who celebrate Christmas but still they behave evilly towards their fellow humans. I know some people that are religious but still they treat others in a bad way, for instance, they can get furious if they aren’t allowed to do what they want and behave in a hostile/ creepy way. Or they can pretend to be your friend and then stab you in the back because they can be good at placing mean words and lies among nice words and then claim that they aren’t a bad person. Or they can expose you to ostracism. And I know that some of these mean people got rewarded for their mean actions. Nobody cared that they walked all over a kind person, who just wanted to be treated with respect and kindness, to reach their goal, no, they just cared about themselves.

I can’t understand why people who bully others can feel good about themselves when the year is over and we once again will celebrate Christmas. How can they sit there and celebrate Jesus’ birthday, a man who only spread love, kindness, and joy, when they give themselves the right to walk all over another person, and they don’t even bother to say the word, ”Sorry,” either? I don’t understand that.

I also know about a person who has a black Christmas tree and a black key cabinet. Her key cabinet has the same shape as a coffin and on it is a cross that is upside down. It’s unbelievable that this person celebrates Christmas!

Since I have had the misfortune to meet many strange people and individuals who behave badly, I chose to write this poem below.



Sometimes I wonder
wonder if everyone knows
why we celebrate Christmas
It seems for many
that the number of gifts are most important
Everyone is in a hurry
hurry to make everything look good
look good on the outside
They’re too busy so they forget
forget about the inner peace

Sometimes I wonder
wonder how many cares
what Christmas is all about
I believe the world would be
would be a better place
if people cared more about
the inside than the outside
and cared more about
their behavior towards others

Sometimes I wonder
wonder how many remember
who’s birthday we celebrate
A man who spread love
Love, kindness and joy
during his short time on earth

Christmas should be about love
and no egomania
Christmas should be about kindness
and no evil-mindedness
Christmas should be about joy
and no drama
Christmas should be about
finding inner peace
That’s what Christmas is all about