When the Heart Calls

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I wrote this poem, “When the Heart Calls,” in loving memory of the poor wolves that was hunted and killed earlier this week in the county where I live, and it’s also a loving memory for all the wolves killed worldwide.

When the Heart Calls

The sun is rising

it looks like the sky is on fire

with all its beautiful colors

dancing on the sky like flames


I walk along the path

surrounded by trees

which are covered in a thin layer

a thin layer of snow

The sunbeams search their way

through the forest

The snowflakes glisten


I come to a clearing

I see big paw prints

I’m all smiles

The tracks come from a wolf

A strong, intuitive, beautiful creature

I get all excited and happy

happy by seeing the tracks


I started to wonder what color it was

gray, black, white

or were those colors mixed

Maybe the wolf howled

howled under the moon

When calls the heart

Yah, in search for a partner

The wolf followed its heart

It had the courage to listen

listen to its intuition

when the heart was calling


I’m ecstatic by walking

by walking in the wolf’s tracks

I feel its presence spiritually

My blood rush through

through my veins of joy

Just as the blood rushed through

through the veins of the wolf

when it happily galloped

galloped over the mire

in search for a mate

But the happiness ended

evil-minded people turned up

they hunted the wolf

with helicopters and snowmobiles

My blood turned to ice

when I heard about the hunt

I saw images

the snow got colored red

my beloved friend is dead

The tears started rolling

rolling down my cheeks

My friend is gone

I feel empty inside


I look up at the sky

to find comfort

I listen

I feel

The wolf calls out

I hear the wolf howl

the howl is powerful

it can be heard across worlds

if you listen to your heart


When my heart calls

I listen

I feel

It grows a fire inside me

which tells me to never

never stay silent

when injustice prevails

The flames inside me

grow gutsy and powerful

just as the flames

that are dancing in the sky


The Wolf howls

My heart calls

I listen

I feel

I’m home