What does Thou Shalt Not Kill mean to You?

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On Saturday, it’s Christmas Eve, and here in Sweden, it’s a tradition to watch Donald Duck and his friends at 15:00, meaning it’s an hour with famous cartoon characters like Ferdinand the Bull, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, and so on. There are two thousand animals killed every second in the world’s slaughterhouses. Just during the hour when we here in Sweden watch Donald Duck 6 million animals get slaughtered. That is something to think about it…If you want to be a part of that innocent animals, get killed for your sake or do you choose to show compassion for them instead?

What does God’s commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill, mean to you? Here comes my poem with my thoughts regarding Thou Shalt Not Kill…

Thou shalt Not Kill

Thou shalt not kill
is one of God’s commandments

We celebrate Christmas in memory of God’s son,
but why does millions of animals have to die because of that
Why celebrate his son by killing innocent creatures
when God said:
Thou shalt not kill

I think that all creatures should be included in those words
regardless if it’s human beings
or creatures in the sea
or creatures on the land
Because all living beings have a right to live
they have the right to live for their own sake

And Christmas is a season of love and joy
So why does so many creatures have to die
Why does they have to pay with their life
when people celebrate God’s son
A God who said:
Thou shalt not kill