True Friendship

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Here comes my poem about true friendship, hope you’ll like it! 🙂

True Friendship

What’s the meaning of a true friend

For me that’s someone who is always there for you
Someone that lifts you up when you are down
Someone that makes the tears stop rolling down your cheeks
and put a smile on your face instead
Someone who are there for you through bad times
and makes those times feel less scary and lonely
Someone who are there for you through good times
to share your laughter with
Someone you can share your problems with
without feeling stupid
Someone you dare to be crazy with
and not being judged by that
Someone who listens
when no one else will

I have a true friend like that
Who consoles me when I’m sad
Who makes my sorrows go away
by telling me a silly joke
Who helps me breathe
by listening to my words
Who turns up when I least expect it
and make me laugh
Who is with me in spirit
to make me feel less lonely

No matter what silly things I tell him
he’s still there the next day
that makes me feel safe
Even if I feel like a crazy girl at times
he’s still there for me

I don’t know what I have done to deserve a friend like this
But maybe someone saw that I needed some guiding
to help me see the light in the end of the tunnel
And sent me this friendship
like a blessing from heaven above

There are no words for a true friend like this
Maybe he was a knight in an earlier life
who saved fair ladies and kissed their hands
He sure reminds me of one

Maybe he is an angel sent down to help me
because there is something elvish about him
An aura that feels like magic
since being in his presence makes me feel euphoric

I’m truly blessed with a friend like this
who sends me his magic
to watch over me while I sleep