The Earth is Our Precious Treasure

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Since it’s Earth Day today, I want to share my poem about our amazing planet with you.

Happy Earth Day! πŸ™‚

The Earth

The Earth is amazing
The mountains are a blessing
The animals are loveable
The oceans are unforgettable
The forests are wonderful
The fields are beautiful

But we must remember to take care
so we our Earth can share
with generations to come
so they can continue to pick plum
and see lions, tigers, rhinos and elephants
those magnificent giants
Otherwise they soon have vanished
I wish cruel people could be banished

We must act now
otherwise it’s like we allow
that animals starts to disappear tomorrow
and that will be mankind’s greatest sorrow dimman

We must stop polluting the environment
because otherwise all we can hear is silent
Dead silence will reign
if we are insane
and let the animals, plants and oceans die
I don’t want to say goodbye
to all these living beings on earth
I can’t even explain how much they are worth

So we must take care of the Earth
because it gave birth
to all living creatures
which are our planet’s biggest features
creatures of all different kinds
and that is mankind’s
greatest pleasure
The Earth is our precious treasure

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