The Benefits of Children Having Pets

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Pets help children to improve their physical development

The are many benefits of children having pets, for instance, pets help children to enhance their physical development. Walking a dog in the forest is an excellent way to exercise the dog at the same time it gives the child a better balance by walking through a hilly terrain among stones and branches. And a terrific benefit is that the child get away from the computer and play stations and get to breathe healthy air instead and their condition improves.

Pets help children to practice their motor skills

Pets also help children to practice their motor skills when they are allowed to help to feed the animals and pour water into bowls. I remember when I was just a few of years old and my parents let me assist them to feed our cows. I sat on the floor in the barn and took a small cup of vitamins and minerals and poured it in buckets filled with barley flower which my father had ground in the mill. We grew barley every year and harvested it during the fall.


We also grew rapeseed, and I remember that I followed my parents to the field to bring the canola to our cattle as a child. And when I was a little bit older I once again sat on the floor in the barn but that time I was cutting potatoes. I used a knife to cut the potatoes in halves so it would be easier for the cows to eat them, and to prevent so they didn’t choke on them since our cows loved potatoes and became pretty greedy when we gave it to them 🙂

Pets benefit children by helping them to build self-esteem

And considering children’s emotional and social development it’s great for them to interact with pets. Children are more inclined to make contact with a kid who plays with a pet so having a pet is a great way for the less socially child to make new friends.

Pets benefit children by helping them to build self-esteem, self-confidence and responsibility when they grow older and look after the pet more. Animals are amazing friends because they accept you just the way you are.

I’m a highly sensitive person and I remember that I loved spending time with all of our animals as a child because I felt more comfortable around them than among people. Because animals are kind, honest and, you can trust them to keep your secret. I loved to hug our calves, cows, cats, dogs, rabbits and all the others!

We can learn a lot from animals bulls

We can learn a lot from animals because in my opinion animals are pure love. I believe that they can teach us what it means to love unconditionally. If a child gets the opportunity to grow up with a pet it learns how to love other species and understand that they all have souls.

And if a child learns to show compassion for all animals and loves them it benefits the rest of the world too. Because a child who for instance love a rat or a cat or a dog or a cow has a lot of love and compassion to give.