Suddenly Comes A Storm

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Suddenly comes a storm from nowhere, is what this poem is about, how that feels but that you still can cope. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂


I walk along the beach
feeling sand under my feet
I look up at the sky
seeing a beautiful seagull
flying high above the sea
The sun is warm

I want my friend to reach
so I can greet
Don’t want to say goodbye
I want to be your equal
I take cover under a tree
Suddenly comes a storm

I got no clue
it came from nowhere
Everything was so bright
I don’t understand
how this could occur
I shed a tear

I wanted to greet you
I put on something nice to wear
You were my light
You took my hand
Everything starts to blur
I flee like a deer

Away from this city
Away from this hell
Away from the cement
Away from the cruel
Away from the dark
Away from the sadness

Don’t feel pity
I was saved by the bell
An angel are to me sent
I’m not a fool
I’ll always believe in the spark
From now on I choose happiness