Show Compassion for Animals

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People commit suicide because of bullying

I came across some articles about suicide, and here in Sweden, it is 45 children and 100-300 adults that commit suicide each year because they have been bullied/ treated badly. And if you think globally those numbers are much higher. All these people do it because people don’t show them compassion. No one bothers to hear their cries for help. The bullies and other people that have jobs where they can exercise their power over others don’t care about anyone but themselves. And individuals who act like that most likely doesn’t show compassion for animals either.

dark cloud

They don’t care if they hurt people nor do they care about how their actions affect others. People like that only think about what’s best for them, what is easiest and most comfortable for them. And what’s most comfortable and easiest to do, is to close your eyes, so you don’t see what’s going on, and close your ears, so you don’t have to hear anything, and turn off your feelings, so you don’t have to feel anything.

Being bullied

A very good friend of mine has been treated very poorly by others. Like when she started a new activity nobody bothered to show her around in the building. Everyone saw that she was alone in the corner of the building. People could pass by her without saying hello; some rather sat on the floor than next to her on the sofa. Some of the girls formed their own little group without asking her to join. Instead, they gave her looks that could kill. Others said mean comments to her and others just ignored her when she asked questions, then the silence treatment started.


No, no one cared enough about her to make her feel welcome in their fellowship, they just gave her the cold shoulder. One might wonder why she stayed; she did that because sometimes that people were friendly to her and because she wanted to belong somewhere and liked what she was doing and was good at it. What made her leave that group of people was because one of the leaders wrote to her that she was a bad person and other false accusations that made her cry. He wrote that after she had found the courage to tell that she felt bullied. His response made her think that she would never put her foot in that building again. She finally realized that she was worth better than to be treated like a doormat.

Sexually harassed during meetings

She also had experience about how it feels like when people have jobs where they can exercise their power over others. How they sometimes showed up two or more to make her feel little and force her to do stuff she didn’t want. How they sexually harassed her during meetings where it was only she and an authority person. How they made her feel insecure and belittled. How they laughed and made fun of her and talked bad about her. She wasn’t treated fairly by them nor with respect. Eventually, that led to that she planned to commit suicide because she couldn’t handle the pain by being treated badly by evil people anymore.

A chance to heal


But one day it all changed. She got a letter. A letter which gave her amends. It gave her an opportunity to heal from everything. What people doesn’t understand is that it takes a long time to recover from being treated poorly. I’m just glad that she is alive today and that I can talk to her. I’m grateful that my friend managed to cope somehow during the hardship she encountered. She told me that she had a guardian angel because otherwise she wouldn’t have been here today.

No wonder that some people don’t show compassion for animals

Maybe you wonder why I write about this on a site about to show compassion for animals. The reason is that I want to show that as long as people don’t treat their fellow humans with respect and compassion they most likely won’t show compassion for animals either. I know for a fact that the individuals who hurt my friend celebrated victories and festivities with eating meat and getting drunk. Once one of them who gave my friend a look that could kill, hurt a hedgehog, (hedgehog is a protected species here in Sweden), while she was drunk and afterward she laughed about it. The people who knew about it laughed too. My heart went out to the hedgehog when I heard this story. talande eyes

So no wonder that all individuals don’t show compassion for animals because they don’t even show compassion for their fellow humans. What’s easiest for cruel people is to close their eyes and ears and turn off their feelings, so they don’t hear the cries for help from other creatures. The cry for help from the person they treated poorly, or the cry for help from the animal who looked at them with horror in their eyes, saying;

– Please, don’t kill me!


Take a closer look in the mirror before you go to bed


Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with certain people since some apparently have no feelings at all. I assume they have no feelings since they don’t show any concern for their fellow humans, nor do they show compassion for animals. I wish that kind of people took a closer look in the mirror before they went to bed and looked themselves in the eyes. And then they should ask themselves if they feel proud of what they accomplished during the day. If they feel proud over when they didn’t bother to say hello and ignored the lonely one, or when they gave a look that could kill, or when they exercised their power over another and belittled the same. And do they feel proud when they told lies about their fellow human and treated that one unfairly. Someone said once that this kind of people doesn’t sleep well at night, I hope that’s true.

I honestly wish that cruel people take a closer look at themselves and stop behaving like they do. I hope one day that they realize that their actions have consequences, but then it can be too late since lots of people commit suicide because of how others have treated them. So I hope they pull oneself together and wake up before it’s too late. I hope evil people can start to show concern for their fellow humans and show compassion for animals instead of being mean.