Say No to Slaughter!

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Many, many, many animals get slaughtered by having their throats cut off, meaning they bleed to death. The poor animals spend their last waking moments to gasp for breath, and they fight to be able to stand while the blood pours out from their throats. To get the throat cut off like that is extremely painful for the animals. During the time it takes for the poor animal to get unconscious it suffers from the cut, the loss of blood, and when the blood comes down to the lungs, they suffocate.

According to Islamic law, it isn’t allowed to stun animals before their throats are cut off.

The reason why people kill animals in this horrible way is sometimes because of financial reasons and sometimes for religious reasons, for instance, according to Islamic law, it isn’t allowed to stun animals before their throats are cut off. Halal slaughter is allowed here in Sweden as long as the animals get stunned, for instance, sheep and birds get stunned with electricity before they cut their throats and therefore that is legal here. But cattle needs to be stunned with a bolt driving gun and since their heart doesn’t stop immediately when they get shot certain Muslim groups can accept that method. But kosher slaughter isn’t allowed here yet because when you use the kosher method, it is not accepted that animals get stunned before they cut off their throats. I wrote yet because who knows what happens when it comes more and more people who demand that animals get killed in a horrible way and when sharia laws start to apply in the Swedish society…

Say No to Slaughter!

I think it’s crazy that people even think of horrible ways to kill animals and then defend if with religious or financial reasons. Just say no to slaughter! Say no to all kind of slaughter! Because animals have as much right to live as humans. Animals are the best thing that has ever happened to this planet, please, leave them alone!!

And please, teach kids that animals that live on farms, for instance, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, bulls and cows have feelings just like you and me. You can do that by reading “Flame and the Cows” to them 🙂