Roe Deer Caught in Snare

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For about ten days ago a person reported to the police that he had seen a dead roe deer in Borgafjäll, in the north of Sweden. The poor roe deer was hanging in a snare! When the police came, the dead animal was gone, so someone had picked up the body. The police confiscated the snare since it’s illegal to use. Hunters are allowed to hunt foxes and white grouses with a snare if they have a permit but that’s a smaller one. The one that the roe deer was caught in was bigger. No one knows which animal the snare was meant for and the police have no suspect for the crime.

Horrible crime

It’s not the first time a horrible crime like this occurs. I also read about some other cases that had happened in the south of Sweden. A wire had pierced deeper and deeper into the neck of the poor roe deer. It was barely alive when people found it, so it had to be put down because of the injuries. The police said it was bloody awful that someone had done that to the poor roe deer. One person suspected that it was done because the people there was tired of that roe deer came and ate their tulips, roses, and buds of the fruit trees and so on. And some trap the animals to get meat because regarding one case the roe deer was skinned and butchered and left was the head.

Many animals die an agonizing death because of people

The snares are designed, so they slowly strangle the roe deer to death, the snare wire is sheathed with plastic, so the snare moves easily without failure. The design is such that the snare tightens up tighter as the roe deer panics to break free. It’s an incredibly painful death for the poor animals. It’s believed that there are many horrible snares like this in nature, so many animals have died and will die an agonizing death because of people. Some believe the snares are put up to catch roe deer and others lynx.

I wish there were rangers in the forests here

I think that this is so horrible so I find no words for it…I wish there were rangers in the forests here, the same type of Rangers like they have in South Africa…because the rangers down there are true heroes!