Please, Show Respect!

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Today it’s World Ranger Day, and I think that we should remember all the brave people who risk their life to save animals from being killed because some of these courageous persons get injured and killed while they are doing their job. Poachers shoot Rangers so that they can kill for instance rhinos and elephants. About three rhinos/day and 96 elephants/day get killed in Africa every year because the demand for the ivory and rhino horn is high in Thailand, China, and Vietnam. People in those countries believe that tusks and horns can cure different ailments. Personally, I don’t understand how they still can believe that since it is 2016 now. I also don’t know why people think that they can get cured if animals die because of them. And in China, they have a particular factory where they produce things from ivory. I don’t understand why people want to buy products from dead animals. Why can’t they show respect for them instead? But the good news is that China has decided to phase out their ivory industry.

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What have the innocent animals done?

No, I don’t understand why people at all think that they can get healthy by using and eating products from dead animals. What have the innocent animals done to them? Nothing. Still, people believe that they have a right to kill them and destroy their habitats. It makes me mad that lots of people don’t even think about what they are doing to the animals and the environment. There are many times when I have heard that people claim to be animal lovers but still they visit these countries. Lots of Swedes has gone to Thailand for many years now. Personally, I can’t understand why people who claim to be animal lovers do that since the tourism is an important thing for Thailand. If people stopped going there and spend their money there then maybe the government in Thailand has to start to think about why and then maybe they can make better decisions regarding the animals.

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When will people understand that their actions get consequences?

I wonder when some people are going to start thinking about that their actions get consequences. For instance, people who come to the town where I live during the “Motor Week” don’t think at all because they all contribute to making the life worse for animals, plants and the environment. They don’t care at all that their vehicles pollute the air and that it affects the entire environment. It seems that the people who take part in that week don’t care about that their actions cause global warming. No, they only care about driving around for fun in their vehicles, round and round in circles in the middle of the city, and drink alcohol and throw garbage everywhere. They don’t care at all that they poison the environment for others.

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Otter is a protected species in Sweden

There is a river running through this town, and an otter lives there, maybe more than one. The otter is a protected species here in Sweden, and it has been since 1969. They are not common. The threats against them come from humans, for instance, destroyed habitats and environmental toxins. Dragonflies lives here too and some of them aren’t so common, but which species that lives here is unknown. But do the people who take part in the motor week care about that what they are doing affect the lives of animals in the long run? No, they only think about themselves. It seems that they don’t have the ability to think that what they are doing now affects the environment negatively in the future.

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We all could have been Rangers

If people started to show respect and compassion for others, then we could have saved the lives of all animals and plants, and then the Rangers hadn’t risked being killed. We all could have been rangers because we could have protected all animals from harm if everybody cared about all living beings and the environment. But apparently all people don’t care enough, they only think about themselves, so the Rangers will continue to risk their life since some people doesn’t have the ability to understand that their actions get consequences.

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Show respect for all living beings

I urge people to take a moment each morning and think about what kind of person they want to be. Do you want to be considered as a kind and compassionate person who show all living beings respect? Or do you want to be seen as a rude, mean, ignorant person who only care about yourself? The choice is yours. But animals will continue to die, and the environment will get destroyed if people don’t start to show respect and compassion for all living beings.

Please, show respect for all Rangers because they risk getting killed because of the choices you make.

“The world’s people are in peril. We no doubt live in a noisy, numb, narcissistic age. The talents and attentions of the majority are not invested in personal mastery and social responsibility but squandered on games, voyeurism, and base sensationalism. We have recklessly abandoned what truly matters – the striving to be great as individuals and as a society – for the glamour and thrill of speed, convenience, and vain expressions, in a kind of humanity-wide midlife crisis.” Brendon Burchard

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