Once Upon a Time

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Here comes my poem called “Once Upon a Time.” Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂


Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time
I had a beautiful dime
it glistened bright
in the soft moon light

A gnome grabbed my arm
told me to keep it as a lucky charm
I became glad
thanked the little lad

Who disappeared in an enchanted forest
I had a dream to become a florist
I followed in hope to see a flower
instead I found an inner power

I dared to do things I’ve never done
my fears were gone
I thought of my dime
Suddenly I stood under a lime

I searched my pocket
maybe a rocket
had burnt a hole
since it wasn’t whole

I cried
the dime was no longer inside
should have checked before I put it in
my thoughts started to spin

It felt like tragic
because my magic
was lost
I got cold by frost

Along came a fairy
my eyes became starry
She whispered in my ear
something I needed to hear

That I had magic within
if I just believed in
myself so to speak
I felt her warmth against my cheek

I followed her to a clearing
It was spring
the dawn came fast
I no longer feared my past

She gave me strength to believe
and leave
the past behind
It gave me a peace of mind

A lucky charm is good
but know that you always should
trust yourself no matter what
and follow your gut