Never-Ending Love

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Here is my poem called “Never-Ending Love”, it’s about the love I feel towards animals…

Never-Ending Love Foxjag

I feel a never-ending love
towards animals
It’s a love
that’s pure and true
It’s a love
that makes me happy

It tickles
when a nose sniff your face
It feels good
when you stroke an animal
feeling their velvet fur beneath your fingers
It feels nice
to give them a hug


Animals radiate such warmth
so you get all warm inside
regardless you watch them sleep
or see them make a funny move
or feel them in your arms

The love I feel for animals
makes me feel
feel like I’m walking on clouds
it makes me cheerful
It’s a love that goes far beyond
far beyond worlds
because it continues
even when your companions left earth

Yes, the love I feel towards animals
is never-ending
It’s a never-ending love

Cows on field