Flame and the Mouse is now Released!

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I’m happy to announce that my third book, “Flame and the Mouse,” in “Flame – The Animal Saver Series” is now released! Just watch the book trailer to find out what this story is about.  I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

Why I wrote this book

The reason why I wrote, “Flame and the Mouse,” is because I thought that a mouse that used to run around in the ensilage when we were going to feed the calves looked very cute! It was so adorable with its peppercorn-colored eyes! Maybe it played hide and seek. 🙂 My little sister and I used to call that mouse for “The Ensilage-Mouse.” 🙂 That mouse inspired me to write!

Putting out rat poison can be common

I know that many people don’t like mice, rats, and other rodents. Putting out rat poison can be common. When Sweden joined the European Union in 1995, it came new rules that farmers had to follow. One rule was that the farmers had to do something about mice/rats, they had to have a plan of how to get rid of them from the barns. We didn’t use rat poison like others did since we thought it was cruel. Back then it was the veterinarian who went out to the barns and checked, so the farmers followed the rules. I will always remember that moment when the vet asked our mother, my little sister and me, about how we dealt with the mice/rats because to me that was a funny moment. We told him that we had cats. He looked amused when he asked us if that worked. We said yes and smiled back. 🙂 I think he came from one of the Baltic states. I liked him!

Flame and the Mouse

I hope that my book, “Flame and the Mouse,” will be an eye-opener for people. That people will understand that mice, rats, and other small creatures have feelings and that they are lovely creatures!