Dream of Butterflies

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Dream of Butterflies

Here comes my poem about butterflies. Dream of butterflies and let them protect you and help you get through all the hardships. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂


Close your eyes
dream of butterflies
flying above your head
although you’re in bed
butterflies blue
A butterfly who is yellow
is your new fellow
A butterfly who is blue
reminds you to stay true

butterflies black
A butterfly who is black
think you should fight back
A butterfly who is orange
doesn’t want you to be afraid of a challenge

butterflies purple
A butterfly who is purple
helps you to not get caught in a vicious circle
A butterfly who is green
makes you feel like a king or a queen

butterflies red
A butterfly who is red
stops the feeling of dread
A butterfly who is brown
keeps you from feeling down

butterflies white
A butterfly who is pink
helps you to think
A butterfly who is white
comes with the light

So keep dreaming
it stops you from screaming
Let the butterflies protect you
and help you get through
all the hardships you run across
Let the butterflies be your boss
then you’ll be cheerful
and never fearful

butterflies end