Close Your Eyes

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When you have a long hard day or if it seems like you’re about to be covered in darkness or if you don’t have enough money to go for a vacation, then I suggest that you close your eyes for five minutes and let your imagination guide you to a peaceful place inside you. There is no place like fairyland because there you can do anything you want, it’s free and friendly and an excellent way to find your way back to a positive mindset. Here comes my poem called “Vacation” that is about going to fairyland so close your eyes and let your imagination bring you there 🙂

 utsikt hearts


Close your eyes and imagine
You stand next to a jasmine
breathe in the heavenly fragrance
enjoy the silence
no noise
that annoys
vatten butterflys
Birds are singing
and you hear church bells ringing
far away
Below is a sage-green bay
you decide to take a dip
Later you sip
on a drink
while you think

Sitting on the beach
eating a ripe peach
The sky is blue
a seagull lands next to you
You look up at heaven
feels like you’re in seventh heaven
himmel butterflys
You go for a walk
in the distance you see a hawk
it shrieks
You admire the mountain peaks
Wandering over hills
Nature fills
you with pleasure
This daydream is your own treasure
blommor butterflys
Going for a vacation
doesn’t mean you have to leave the nation
You can go for free in your mind
then you’ll find
the greatest place of all
big or small
Maybe you meet a gnome
who takes you to the green hills of home

There’s no place like fairyland
just grab your special somebody’s hand
and walk over hills and across streams
let the sunbeams
kiss you dry

stream butterflys
Give it a try
then you’ll see
that you can go to the sea
any time you like
and go for a hike

Just close your eyes
and let the butterflies
bring you to fairyland
hand in hand
with the one you call your dear
then you’ll only music hear