A Summer Breeze

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Here comes my poem called “A Summer Breeze.” Hope you’ll like it! 🙂 Happy Summer! 🙂

A Summer Breeze

A summer breeze is soft and warm
so close your eyes and feel
feel how the breeze caress your skin
It reminds you of the feeling
when someone you love touches you
It makes you smile

Open your eyes and see all the flowers that surround you
Flowers that surround you in different colors
and look at all the amazing butterflies that fly above your head
Blue, yellow, white and purple ones
Maybe one lands on your arm
It gives you a tickling feeling
like when you feel fingertips on your skin

Breathe in the summer breeze
Feel how it lifts up even the saddest soul and the darkest heart
It sweeps away all the sorrows for a while
Look at the sun and watch how it slowly sets behind the mountains
and feel its last rays of light
kiss your face goodnight

Remember this before you fall asleep at night
Remember how you watched the butterfly
fly away in the bright summer night
And you looked at heaven and wondered
if this is what heaven feels like
A place with no sorrow and sadness
Just bright sensations of love and beauty
Thinking that being loved by someone who loves
something as pretty as a butterfly
need to be a beautiful thing

Maybe that is what heaven feels like
It must be hard letting go of something so rare and pure
But your time has not come yet
Your time is on earth
to live for the things that matter to you

Remember this before you go to sleep
How the summer breeze magic took away your sorrows for a while
and you felt surrounded by love and beauty
Remember this before you close your eyes
that you never know what tomorrow brings
Maybe it’s your turn to see the light at the end of the tunnel
So live now and don’t be afraid of being sad
because one day you will be blessed to feel
feel the summer breeze forever