A Ray of Light Brings Joy and Hope

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Now it’s summer so enjoy the light from the sun who finally has chased away the darkness. A ray of light brings joy and hope because sunbeams lift up even the saddest soul, they sweep away all the sorrows for a while. Be grateful for this season of light which brings life to plants and creatures. Here comes my poem about the light 🙂


A Ray of Light V__A457

What’s more beautiful than a ray of light
that makes even the saddest heart bright
A ray of light brings joy and hope
it gives you strength to cope
It lifts you up when you’re down
so you don’t drown
drown in your tears and heartache
A ray of light gives you a break
a break from all the misery
The light makes the past feel like history
All you have to do
in order to not feel blue
is to put a smile on your face
and the life embrace

Yes, the ray of light is a beautiful thing
like a golden ring
that glisten
Hoping the one will listen mormor ring
when you tell what’s in your heart
so you can get a fresh start
after your time apart
Hoping the one understands your art
and can read between the lines
to see all the signs
Hoping the one understand
and take your hand
to brighten the way
such as the sunbeam lights your day