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The Earth is Our Precious Treasure

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Since it’s Earth Day today, I want to share my poem about our amazing planet with you. Happy Earth Day! 🙂 The Earth The Earth is amazing The mountains are a blessing The animals are loveable The oceans are unforgettable The forests are wonderful The fields are beautiful But we must remember to take care so we our Earth can share with generations to come so they can continue to pick plum and see lions, tigers, rhinos and elephants those magnificent giants Otherwise they soon have vanished I wish cruel…read more

Never-Ending Love

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Here is my poem called “Never-Ending Love”, it’s about the love I feel towards animals… Never-Ending Love I feel a never-ending love towards animals It’s a love that’s pure and true It’s a love that makes me happy It tickles when a nose sniff your face It feels good when you stroke an animal feeling their velvet fur beneath your fingers It feels nice to give them a hug Animals radiate such warmth so you get all warm inside regardless you watch them sleep or see them make a funny…read more